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To send a message to one of our delegates, just click on their name.  If your group is not listed, but you would be interested in serving, please reach out to our Vice President. We would love to have a representative from your group join us!

If you need help getting a Recommendation for NPC Recruitment, use the “Recommendation Contact” column after you have submitted your information in our Masterfile Form (located HERE).

Sorority Delegate Alternate Delegate Recommendation Contact
Alpha Chi Omega Kaylee Leitch Kaylee Leitch Kaylee Leitch
Alpha Delta Pi Michelle Lee Davis Gracie Phillips Michelle Lee Davis
Alpha   Epsilon Phi none none none
Alpha   Gamma Delta Amanda DiPippa none Amanda DiPippa
Alpha   Omicron Pi Katy Clark Christine Hasler Katy Clark

Christine Hasler

Alpha   Phi Becky Del Rio none Becky Del Rio
Alpha   Sigma Alpha none none none
Alpha   Sigma Tau Teena Johnson  Bobbie Nichols Teena Johnson
Alpha Xi Delta Alex   Watkins Cindy Smith Faith Ledbetter
Chi   Omega Lindsey Ryan none Mitzi Tiffee (U of ARK Only)

Alison Karrh (All other Colleges)

Delta   Delta Delta Cindy Minor Dena Daniel Cindy Minor

Dena Daniel

Delta   Gamma Traci Matthews Joyce Babin Linda Kay Smith
Delta   Phi Epsilon none none none
Delta   Zeta Jaime Bradford Loftin none Jaime Bradford Loftin
Gamma   Phi Beta none none none
Kappa   Alpha Theta Christy Allen Mandy Fresneda Ellen Kreth

Mandy Fresneda

Kappa   Delta Kristi Gibbs Rachel Lipsey Kristi Gibbs
Kappa   Kappa Gamma Kristin Maris Gretchen Pierce Gretchen Pierce

Kristin Maris

Phi Mu Kristie Finney Jo Hanna Worden Recommendations not required
Phi Sigma Sigma none none none
Pi Beta Phi Mary-Lee Smith Mary-Lee Smith
Sigma   Delta Tau none none none
Sigma   Kappa none none none
Sigma   Sigma Sigma Amber Cochran Jenny Dodson Amber Cochran

Jenny Dodson

Theta   Phi Alpha none none none
Zeta   Tau Alpha Stacey Shaddox Bevans Melissa Perez Stacey Shaddox Bevans

Melissa Perez

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