Recruitment Masterfile Form



The Masterfile is used for women who need assistance in getting Recommendation Forms completed for recruitment.  If you have questions contact us at

Things to Remember

  • Submit your information by the priority deadline of June 1st for the upcoming school year.  We will continue to accept submissions until October to accommodate deferred/2nd semester recruitment, but it helps us if we start processing information for Fall recruitment in June.  The sooner the better!
  • For the form to work properly, please keep your attachments 8MB or less.
  • Please read the below FAQs and Best Practices before filling out this form or reaching out to us with questions. We are happy to help – but want you to understand the Masterfile’s purpose and scope!
  • If you need help getting a recommendation from a specific sorority, make sure you use the contact list HERE to email the contact person for the organization you need help from.  You MUST complete the Masterfile Form first so that the recommendation chair can access your information.

Who is this Masterfile intended to serve?

The Greater Little Rock Alumnae Panhellenic (GLRAPA) keeps this Masterfile for Alumnae Chapters and Potential New Members in the Central Arkansas area. If you live in Pulaski County, or any county that is adjacent/near to Pulaski County (Faulkner, Saline, Perry, Lonoke, White, Grant, or Jefferson County), we welcome your participation in the Masterfile.

If you live in Arkansas (but outside of Central Arkansas), and are looking for help with recommendations; please feel free to sign up with the GLRAPA Masterfile. Some of our alumnae chapters have either chapters or contacts in other parts of the state. At times our contacts with Central Arkansas sorority alumnae can forward your information to others across the state.

In addition, if you are attending a college or university in Arkansas (but do not live in the state), we would be happy to collect your information through the Masterfile database. Please understand that if you live outside of the Little Rock area, it is unlikely that our area alumnae chapters will have a personal contact that can help you with recommendations. In this event, many of our alumnae chapters will forward these requests to either their national organizations, the chapter on the campus you are attending, or (as time allows and they are available) to the alumnae chapters and APHs in your hometown.

If you have no connection to Arkansas (not attending college in Arkansas or are not from Arkansas), please consider other avenues to help you than the Greater Little Rock Alumnae Panhellenic Masterfile. The National Panhellenic Conference has a list of other Alumnae Panhellenics on their chapter locator page ( Some of them have a website on the blue pins. If not, please contact the NPC office at for the contact with that APH. An APH marked with a “Z” is inactive. You can also contact the National/International HQ of each of the individual sororities on the campus you are participating in recruitment. These are listed here: You can try searching the sorority sites to see if there is a local alumnae chapter in your area.

If the college/university that I have chosen has Deferred Recruitment (Spring), do I still need to register with the GLRAPH and my College Panhellenic Council this summer?

YES! Even if your college/university has Deferred Recruitment, the requirements are all the same.  Local alumnae can still assist you in the same manner and introduce you to the sororities.  Be sure to contact the Greek Life Advisor on your campus for any questions you may have.  Some rules and regulations will be specific to your college/university of choice. In addition, consider getting your recommendation paperwork sent to area alumnae at least by July 1st (or earlier) each year, as PNMs who are attending schools with 1st semester recruitment. Many local alumnae groups do not meet for recommendation purposes after the summer, which is why we have the priority deadline of June 1st to allow alumnae to begin their work sooner.

I’ve registered with Greater Little Rock Alumnae Panhellenic Masterfile – am I all set for recruitment now?

NO! You must register for recruitment on your college campus. A list of the Arkansas college and universities NPC Office of Greek Life websites are listed here: Recruitment Registration should be made available through most websites. If you are attending school out of state, search for the Office of Greek Life, Panhellenic Recruitment, or Panhellenic Council for more information. You can also search on the NPC College Chapter Locator page (

Do I need References/Recommendations?

The official stance on references, or recommendations written by a sorority member for her sorority, is stated in the following NPC Unanimous Agreement:

“Letters of Recommendation (B-1992) The responsibility for providing letters of recommendation for prospective new members rests with the members of NPC fraternities, and recruitment information distributed through College and Alumnae Panhellenics shall contain nothing that infers that letters of recommendation must be secured by the potential new member.

  • Individual NPC member groups will clarify this responsibility with their membership.
  • NPC area advisors will clarify this responsibility with College and Alumnae Panhellenics.
  • Remuneration from the potential new member or her family for any such letter is inappropriate.”

• • •

However, as a potential new member it is important to understand that many sororities require a recommendation from an alumna member of that sorority before they can offer a bid to a potential new member. If you are attending school with a competitive recruitment, it is safe to assume that many of your fellow Potential New Members (PNMs) will have recommendations to most, if not all, of the chapters on campus.

The official name of a recommendation differs for each sorority, but the information gathered is simply to introduce a potential member to the sorority and help the active chapter members get acquainted with her before recruitment begins. It is permissible, and highly suggested, that you share with Greek Alumnae that you are going to a specific university and plan to participate in recruitment.

A personal resume detailing your high school activities, personal interests and academic accomplishments will be extremely helpful to anyone who is willing to write a recommendation for you. They are likely to ask you for photos and possibly a copy of your transcript. It is the responsibility of the Greek alumna to write the recommendation and then forward it to the chapter on your campus.

Writing a recommendation is at the discretion of the alumna so if an alumna does not voluntarily send a recommendation for you, it is the responsibility of the sorority, NOT the potential new member to secure a recommendation for you once recruitment begins.

You may find that you have more than one member of a specific sorority who would like to write a recommendation for you. Because each specific sorority’s recommendation form contains standard information, many times one sorority alumna will write the official recommendation, and then attach additional alumnae (from that same sorority) letters of support to the official recommendation. These letters of support just give additional information to the chapter concerning character qualities and individual knowledge of the potential new member. In most cases, this is a good way to save paperwork and is useful to the sorority chapter; however please check with your college/university’s Greek Life office to confirm that this is an appropriate practice on a particular campus.

Helpful suggestions and general protocol for securing recommendations:

  • Register with the Greater Little Rock Alumnae Panhellenic Association. It’s a simple process and gets your information out to all local groups.
  • Prepare a resume. Have copies ready and available.
  • Start with family, teachers and personal friends (and your friends’ moms and your parent’s friends). They know you best and they usually are eager to help you.
  • Remember that writing a recommendation for someone is at the discretion of the alumna. Never put them on the spot. Express your need and ask them (do not tell them) to consider writing it for you. Consider saying “I am going to XYZ next fall and plan to go through Recruitment. They have a great ABC chapter there. May I forward my personal resume to you for your consideration?”
  • Once they agree, forward your resume to them as soon as possible. You want them to start looking over your information before they forget they offered to write the recommendation or before they get too busy to do it in a timely manner.
  • Your resume should be neatly typed. Include a photograph, the most current photograph you have available. It is difficult to recognize girls from prom or cheer leading pictures. Those types of outfits often overshadow the real you!
  • When you forward your resume think about including a pre-stamped envelope. (DO NOT complete the forwarding or the return addresses). This is certainly an optional gesture on your part, but having the postage handy may get your recommendation in the mail a little quicker!
  • A recommendation is a gift someone is offering you. Be polite and gracious. Avoid asking “Have you written my recommendation?” A simple thank you note might be the gentle reminder needed for an alumna to get their paperwork in the mail for a stellar candidate…YOU!

What should I put in my resume?

It will help recommendation writers if you place following items in your resume so they can complete the paperwork that their sorority asks.

Full Name, including nickname that you may use during recruitment

Birth date

Home Address

College/University Dorm Address (if known)

Fathers Name, Address, College or University Attended, and Greek Affiliation (if applicable)

Mothers Name, Address, College or University Attended, and Greek Affiliation (if applicable)

Additional Family Member Greek Affiliations and Campuses (Sisters, Grandmothers, etc)

High School Academic Information – Name, City, State, GPA, GPA Scale, Year Graduated, Class Rank/Size, SAT/ACT Score

College Academic Information – College Class (in Fall 2014), name/dates of previous institutions attended (if transfer student), College Major, College GPA, College GPA Scale

Work History Information

Activities and Interests


Any other information that you want to be shared with the chapters before you begin formal recruitment.

Commonly Asked Questions

By completing the GLRAPA Recruitment Registration Form, are my recommendations guaranteed? No, they are not guaranteed. It is the College/University Individual Chapter Membership Recruitment Chairperson’s responsibility to see that the various alumnae groups receive information about local women going through Recruitment and that recommendations are secured. Registering with the GLRAPA will assist area alumnae with sufficient information to provide your recommendations if asked by the individual chapter to provide one for their chapter.

Should I try to get multiple recommendations sent on my behalf? One official recommendation will be sufficient, but you may send multiple letters of support if they are from sorority members who personally know you.

What if I do not know any alumnae in certain sororities? Most alumnae groups have contacts at local colleges/universities. Also, through each sorority alumnae groups’ meetings and mail outs alumnae groups (like GLRAPA and local alumnae chapters and associations) find out about women going through Recruitment, possibly without the woman knowing. In addition, you may know an alumna member and not realize it. Sorority women are everywhere there are college graduates: teachers, fellow church members, nurses, mentors, etc. Ask your friends who went through recruitment last year, and look for mutual friends through Facebook to see if any of your friends are sorority members and would be willing to write a recommendation on your behalf.

What about sororities that do not have alumnae groups in the Greater Little Rock area? It is the responsibility of the individual sorority chapter’s Membership/Recruitment Chairperson to get recommendations for women who do not provide them. Most sororities have a network that includes contacts throughout the country.

I have exhausted all my resources, and I still can’t find a member of XYZ sorority to write a recommendation. What should I do? The members of the GLRAPA would be happy to assist you as best we can. They may have further questions for you to help you find a personal connection or assist someone who does not know you in recommending you for membership.  A recommendation is an endorsement of membership from the alumna that writes the recommendation. If we don’t know you, we may ask for additional information or personal references so that an alumna can commit to recommending a potential new member in good conscience.